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Welcome in a gallery of handmade accessories by CADO

This is a place where every exceptional woman will find unique gift for herself. We refer to a traditional methods of production, all our products are handmade, also great deal of them are inspired by the Philosophy of Trashion which puts a pressure on care about environment and Recycling. All of those reasons guarantee that our accessories are unique and one of a kind. Along with our accessories we wish to share with You our passion and inspire You play with Your look.Please contact us if you have any questions.

featured items

Tuba Komin Szal 2w1 (Polski) Tuba Komin Szal 2w1Accessories + Snoods

Chusta Etola Kamizelka BROWNIEWrapper Snood Waistcoat BROWNIE Wrapper Snood Waistcoat BROWNIEAccessories + Scarfs & Wraps

Dwustronna Tuba PU STRAP (unisex)Reversible Snood PU Strap (unisex) Reversible Snood PU Strap (unisex)Accessories + Snoods

Szal Etola Chusta Camel Wool TweedShawl Wrapper Camel Wool Tweed Shawl Wrapper Camel Wool TweedAccessories + Scarfs & Wraps

Wielofunkcyjna Tuba Komin JERSEY XXL (unisex) (Polski) Wielofunkcyjna Tuba Komin JERSEY XXL (unisex)Accessories + Snoods

Skórzane Torby SHOPPERY XXL (kolory)Leather Bags Shopper XXL (colours) Leather Bags Shopper XXL (colours)Others + Shopping Bags + Bags & Purses

Szal Chusta HRbonne (unisex)Wool Wrapper HRbonne (unisex) Wool Wrapper HRbonne (unisex)Accessories + Scarfs & Wraps

Szal Chusta BRownie (unisex)Shawl Wrapper BRownie (unisex) Shawl Wrapper BRownie (unisex)Accessories + Scarfs & Wraps

Zestaw Czapka Komin Getry RękawiceWinter Set Hat Snood Gloves Legs Warmers Winter Set Hat Snood Gloves Legs WarmersAccessories + Snoods

Zestaw Komin Getry RękawiceWinter Set Snood Gloves Legs Warmers Winter Set Snood Gloves Legs WarmersAccessories + Snoods

Skórzane Etui (kolory) (Polski) Skórzane Etui (kolory)Cases + Bags & Purses

Komin Tuba BRAID SNOODShawl Wrap BRAID SNOOD Shawl Wrap BRAID SNOODAccessories + Snoods

Seria Skórzanych Torebek z PaskiemSmall Leather Bags Set Small Leather Bags SetOthers + Bags & Purses

Szal Chusta CHanel (unisex)Shawl Wrapper CHanel (unisex) Shawl Wrapper CHanel (unisex)Accessories + Scarfs & Wraps

Skórzane Kopertówki Etui (kolory)Leather Clutch (colours) Leather Clutch (colours)Cases + Clutches + Bags & Purses

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